I use a vintage Rider Waite deck that is 50 years old at least. People say “Mattie, why don’t you get some new cards?’ The reason is that 50 years of love, hate, longing, fear, avarice, duplicity, incest, crime, and redemption as well as ambition, hope, and futures are infused in these old cards. They have earned a place of veneration and are rich in meaning.

In high school in Baton Rouge, a friend taught me how to read tarot. It came easily. My South Louisiana birthplace and heritage exposed me to many mystical things that are strange to outsiders but something people in South Louisiana take for granted. 

When you sign on for a reading with me, you get a reading, not a metered encounter. It’s basically an hour, but honestly, most of them take a little longer. There is no timer on a reading. It takes as long as it takes. I am very leery of psychic sites advertising “first three minutes free.” I mean, I’m from Louisiana. It takes me longer than that to get past our obligatory small talk. You get my undivided attention focused on you, not a stopwatch.


That being said, here’s what you WILL get:

  1. At least a one-hour reading using my vintage Rider Waite cards
  2. Graphology, or an analysis of handwriting if you provide a sample.
  3. I can also tie in some basic astrological factors if you provide the date, location, and time of birth of anybody you want to ask about.


Here is what you will NEVER get from me:

  1. Solicitations for services. It’s a point of etiquette amongst good readers not to solicit you for additional readings. If you would like to contact me again you will be the one to initiate it.
  2. Any sort of email or blog link. You do not need to be fearful of your partner finding anything on your phone because there won’t be any.
  3. I will NEVER contact you and say that I was “consulting the cards about you and that something is going on in your life that you need to know about.” It’s none of my business what’s going on with you unless you give me permission to look at things first.
  4. I will never try to sell you an online course or anything else. If I ever do have something to market, I will post it on my Facebook page. I hate being hounded by psychics touting seminars.
1.How will you do my reading?

Readings are done on Zoom. I will send you a link for your reading before the scheduled time.

2. Can I record my reading?

You sure can using Zoom or other software utilities. I would prefer that you keep your reading private but if you want to share it’s up to you,

3. How often can get a reading?

Wait at least a month from the previous reading. If you need another reading sooner it might be best to get another reader for a fresh take.

4. What if I have my own Tarot deck? Can you read them instead of using yours?

Not really and here’s why: (and also why you can’t read your own cards,at least very effectively) We influence the cards as we handle them and it is almost always a stilted reading. The card will reflect what we want rather than an impartial perspective. I don’t even read my own cards.

5. Can you do a reading for two people at once?

Although I have done this before, I dislike doing it very much. It’s like wearing headphones and listening to a different radio station in each ear. There is too much competition and psychic interference from both parties. It’s a no for me unless there are very special conditions.

6. Can I have someone sit in and observe my reading?

I can’t stop you since we will be working long distances from each other and they can always hide out of view of the camera, but please don’t. This is YOUR time, and we need to focus on YOU. Having another person in the room will cause distorted results.

7. Can you balance my chakras, introduce me to my spirit guides, or read my aura?

I stay in my lane with what I’m good at and let those folks who do such things do them. It’s GREAT to know about those wonderful modalities. I have people who work on me too for both bodywork and spiritual help. 

8. Do I need to do anything special for the reading at my end?

Just have a quiet place where we can converse in private. If you want to use crystals, candles, flowers, feathers, and other meaningful items please feel free to do whatever works for you. I won’t mind at all unless it’s an obvious sign of evil. In that case we need to talk before proceeding.

9. What happens if we lose our connection?

It depends. If it’s brief and we can simply do a call back we’ll continue. If it’s longer or if a second try at resuming fails we will reschedule. There is probably a reason for it so we’ll just let it pass and try again on a different day. I once had a client that experienced this every time we tried. After three times all resulting in a “misfire”, we concluded it was just not right. Interestingly, she went to someone else for a reading and the same thing happened.

10. Is my reading private? Are there other people at your end that can hear the reading?

The reading is private and there will be no observers on my end except for my cats occasionally. If YOU want to record it you can, but I never will. It’s YOUR reading, for your eyes and ears only. If you want to share it privately with friends that’s up to you but it is better if you don’t. Your friends and family will give you their own opinions, of course, and if it’s the negative kind it can erode your confidence before you have time to process the information thoroughly.